Sampling Swab with Long Handle

Sampling Swab with Long Handle

PERFWIPE ESD Swab SSTX761E is made from the cleanest 100% polyester knit materials. The complete thermal bond construction eliminates adhesive contamination.
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We could guarantee you product or service good quality and aggressive value for Non Woven Cleaning Wipes, Medium Flexible Head Swab, ESD Heel Strap exporters. We put quality first, create quality products with the spirit of craftsmanship and strive for perfection. The successful of our company is inseparable from the understanding and support of friends from all walks of life in the society, as well as the care and favor of new and old customers for many years. We adhere to the development strategy of 'internationalization, technologicalization and specialization', and vigorously carry out system innovation, management innovation, technological innovation and product innovation to provide high-performance products for global users. Although our business continues to grow and develop, we always focus on helping customers solve problems. Based on this, we have also achieved our best business results.

Perfwipe ESD Swab SSTX761E features a ESD processed 100% virgin polypropylene long handle, to provide clean ESD Protection without contributing particulate contaminants to the environment. The complete thermal bond construction eliminates adhesive contamination.


The ESD Swab SSTX761E made from 100% polyester, making the head extremely clean and durable.




Double layer of polyester knitted fabric for enhanced absorbency

No blooming carton particles, metals or ionic antistatic contaminants

Dissipates charges within seconds when used with a solvent or solution

Cleanroom laundered, providing ultra low levels of particles, NVRs




1. Precision spot cleaning of grooves, tracks, slots and other small spaces

2. Applying and removing lubricants, adhesives and other solutions in a critical clean environment

3. Solvent use (such as IPA)

4. Appropriate for use with temperatures less than 410oF







Medical Device

Hard Disk Drive

Display Assembly

Electronics Assembly

Circuit Board Assembly

Contamination Characteristics

Particles, Readily releasable

Particles 0.5um<3000 counts/swab

Inos, ug/swab

Calcium --0.02

Chloride -- 0.03

Potassium -- 0.01

Sodium -- 0.03

Nonvolatile Residue, mg/swab

DIW Extractant -- 0.01

IPA Extractant -- 0.03


100 swabs/bag,50 bags/case



The excellent technology and perfect craftsmanship make our Sampling Swab with Long Handle always in the directing position. We have a forward-looking and professional design team, we use our enthusiasm and perseverance to serve the people who pursue quality. We stick to the company spirit of credit, sureness, deploitation and innovation, using exquisite techniques and creative process design to figure a national brand.
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