Antistatic Rubber Table Mat ESD Rubber Mats

Antistatic Rubber Table Mat ESD Rubber Mats

ESD Rubber Table Mat is made of anti-static (conductive) and static-dissipative materials as well as rubber.
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With strong corporate strength and precise cooperative relations with major manufacturers, we can provide you with the best quality ESD Black 2 Ring Folder, Double Layer Polyester Cleanroom Swab, ESD Rubber Table Mat at the most favorable prices. We provide quality assurance with high-quality management, advanced production technology and excellent service. Our company has set up a group of experienced research and development team, always grasp the market dynamics and demand and jointly develop new products required by customers. Creating value for customers is our goal. We will follow this creed and continue to strive to exceed customers' expectations and gain more value for customers. We welcome you to visit at any time, and we are willing to exchange experience and technology with you to continuously improve ourselves.

The ESD Dissipative 2 layer rubber table mat is made from high quality 2-ply rubber to provide superior resistance to hot solder, chemicals and oil, grease and common solvent. Back black conductive bottom layer ensures rapid charge dissipation, embossed surface reduces glare for improved comfort. Easy to clean, lays flat and suitable for use with continuous monitors.


Resistivity of   Surface Layer


Resistivity of   Bottom Layer


Bulk Resistivity


Abrasiveness   Loss


Time for Static   Dissipation



10m x 1.0m, 10m   x 1.2m, 10m x 0.8m


2.0mm, 3.0mm


Green/Black,   Grey/Black, Blue/Black


Glossy, Dull




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