100cm X 90cm Green Mat Rubber Mat ESD Table Mat for Electronic Assembly

100cm X 90cm Green Mat Rubber Mat ESD Table Mat for Electronic Assembly

ESD Rubber Table Mat is made of anti-static (conductive) and static-dissipative materials as well as rubber.
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We are committed to providing high-quality ESD Tweezers, Polyester Pre-wetted Wipes, High Absorbent Microfiber Cleanroom Wipes to customers around the world. We attach great importance to detecting small variations, ensuring high-quality products. Corporate culture is the spiritual driving force for corporate development and the personality basis for management.

The ESD Dissipative 2 layer rubber table mat is made from high quality 2-ply rubber to provide superior resistance to hot solder, chemicals and oil, grease and common solvent. Back black conductive bottom layer ensures rapid charge dissipation, embossed surface reduces glare for improved comfort. Easy to clean, lays flat and suitable for use with continuous monitors.


Resistivity of   Surface Layer


Resistivity of   Bottom Layer


Bulk Resistivity


Abrasiveness   Loss


Time for Static   Dissipation



10m x 1.0m, 10m   x 1.2m, 10m x 0.8m


2.0mm, 3.0mm


Green/Black,   Grey/Black, Blue/Black


Glossy, Dull




In the process of adopting omni-channel thinking to provide consumers with high-value 100cm X 90cm Green Mat Rubber Mat ESD Table Mat for Electronic Assembly and services, we will continuously improve the ecological chain of our business. Our company is committed to opening up the domestic and foreign markets by providing high-quality products with design. At present, our company continuously develops new products, and carries out overall planning and comprehensive management of the enterprise with scientific and advanced management concepts.
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