Sterile Cleanroom Wipes Polyester Polyamide Microfiber Nonwoven

Sterile Cleanroom Wipes Polyester Polyamide Microfiber Nonwoven

The Perfwipe N2 series is a newly developed microfiber nonwoven wipe which is made of synthetic fibers creating a high fluid absorption and particle emission reduction.
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Product Details

The Sterile Cleanroom Wipes Polyester Polyamide Microfiber Nonwoven is made of endless microfibers using a combined spunlacing and spunbond technology. The unique properties are excellent cleaning performance combined with a scratch-free result.

Validated sterile according to ISO11137 guidelines.

Meets international standards ISO11137:2013.

Sterilized by Cobalt 60 gamma irradiation to a Sterility Assurance Level of 106.

Certificates of Sterility shipped with each case .

Three-year shelf life, expiration date on each pack and case.

Features and Benefits

1. Hygiene and Safety

The high cleaning performance and the result without scratches in a single cleaning step saves a lot of time.

2. Ergonomics

The volume of the material facilitates rinsing and the low friction reduces stress on hands and arms.


Recommended for effective cleaning and disinfection on various surfaces in cleanrooms ISO Class5 and up.


Product Information


Material: 70 % Polyester / 30 % Polyamid Microfiber
Weight: 80 g/m² (± 5 g/m²)
Size: 6”x6”, 9" x 9", 12”x12”, customized size available
Packaging: 100 wipes /pack, 10 packs / case

Order Information







100pcs/bag 10bag/case



100pcs/bag 10bag/case


 Cleanroom Environment

   ISO: 5/6/7/8

   GMP: A/B/C/D

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