What's A Good Way To Prevent Static Electricity In Spring?

- Mar 13, 2018-

Spring is dry, is the high season of static electricity, in daily life, we often encounter a variety of electrostatic phenomenon. When you open the door, turn on the light, and undress at night, you may be startled by the static electricity that is ringing in the flash, and sometimes there is a tingling sensation of a strong electric shock. Static electricity not only makes people feel unwell, but also affects people's health.

What is the best way to prevent static electricity in spring Festival?

  1, indoor to maintain a certain degree of humidity, to be frequently dragged, sprinkle some water, or humidifier humidification, reduce the body static electricity, to frequent bathing, to change clothes, to eliminate the accumulation of static electrical charge. 

  2, found that hair compared edgy, the comb immersed in the water for a moment, such as static elimination, you can comb the hair adhere.After taking off clothes, touch the wall with the hand gently, touch the door handle or the faucet before also need to touch the wall with the hand, the body electrostatic "put" out, so that static electricity will not hurt you. 

  3, for the elderly, should choose soft, smooth cotton or silk underwear, underwear, as far as possible not to wear chemical fiber clothing, the harm to minimize the electrostatic.At home Leisure may try barefoot, barefoot in favor of the accumulation of electrostatic release of the body surface. 

  4, the TV screen will produce electrostatic particles, these particles and a large number of adsorption air drift dust, these charged dust on the human body and skin has adverse effects. Therefore, the television should not be placed in the bedroom. People watch TV to open the window, with the television set 2-3 meters away, after reading to wash face, wash hands.