What Is The Quality Of Superfine Dust-free Cloth?

- Mar 13, 2018-

With the improvement of people's living standards, the pursuit of material life is also high. In the production industry, the quality of the product is an enterprise development lifeline. In many precision electronics industry often with ultra-fine dust-free cloth, to ensure the cleanliness of electronic products, we must first ensure that the use of dust-free cloth is not really meet the cleaning requirements.

    What is the quality of superfine dust-free cloth? The quality of dust-free cloth and dust-free cloth material cleanliness is a key factor of its quality abnormality, cleanliness of the high and low directly affect the dust-free cloth decontamination capacity. Dust-free cloth most of the raw materials are woven from the ribbon and nylon warp knitting or silk, so the raw materials (yarn) is the impact of the quality of dust-free cloth and the price of one of the important factors; the early common fiber wiping cloth is made of 100% polyester fiber (first-grade yarn) processing. 

Usually dust-free cloth wipes the material cleanliness to have the next several aspects to define:

 1. Dust-free cloth in the solvent nonvolatile volume, usually using solvents, what solvents to evaluate.The amount of residue is usually tested with sophisticated weighing equipment, but users can also determine whether the dust-free cloth remains within the required range by wiping out the fog.

 2. Dust-free cloth, including the amount of dust particles released in the air and the amount of dust particles in the liquid release.Many people think that the jitter is dust-free cloth intolerable problem, in fact, on the contrary, shake off the chip is a dust-free cloth to wipe out the material itself, but the amount of crumbs. 

 3. Dust-free cloth ion precipitation, mainly check the activity of high metal ions and non-metallic ions. If the surface of your wipe has sophisticated metal materials, it is recommended that the precipitation of ions as an important inspection project, because the active ions easily through the battery reaction to destroy the precision metal surface.