The Damage And Protection Of Static Electricity To Objects

- Mar 13, 2018-

   Electrostatic type of the existence of natural phenomena, as long as the friction between the objects will produce static electricity, the object after contact and then separated, that can produce static electricity, friction electricity, electrostatic induction, capacitance changes, electric field and electrostatic induction relationship. Why do electronic components need anti-static? The current electronic products toward the small size, light weight, powerful trend of development, so many microelectronic devices are widely used. These devices are characterized by low power, low voltage, high input impedance and integration. However, these devices are low resistance, allow the current to pass small, is sensitive to static electricity. 

  Electrostatic and electrostatic currents are always threatening these electrostatic sensitive devices, which are at any time susceptible to static damage or small danger.

Static electricity caused by the damage has a hard breakdown and soft breakdown of two.

A, hard breakdown: The component function completely damaged, loses the function.

B, Soft breakdown: Some electrostatic sensitive devices are not easily found after static electricity, only after a lot of turnover, and even after the official use of electronic products, it will be found that this kind of minor injury phenomenon called soft breakdown. Soft breakdown does not carry out comprehensive testing is not found, under certain conditions will lead to device failure, the consequences than hard breakdown more serious.