How To Prevent Static Electricity By Plastic Material

- Mar 13, 2018-

 Plastic materials are very easy to start static electricity, because plastic can not conductive to carry static electricity, only conductive objects will make the excess charge is released through the ground. How does the plastic material prevent static electricity? We analyze it from the chemical electrostatic elimination method and the physical electrostatic elimination method.

The chemical elimination Method: 

(1) Coating a layer of antistatic agent on the material surface to form a solid electrostatic elimination coating on the material surface. 

(2) The antistatic agent which can reduce the resistance of the surface by adding a moisture-absorbing and harmless plastic material to the plastic material.

  According to the type of antistatic agent of different choice of plastic varieties, whether the Ionic nonionic type is hygroscopic antistatic agent, or after adding these auxiliaries, this kind of material absorbs the moisture in the air and reduces the surface resistance to achieve anti-static performance.

Second, the physical elimination method: 

does not change the material nature to use the static electricity own characteristic to eliminate, is the present most commonly used method. 

(1) Grounding elimination method, the use of metal conductor will eliminate static electricity and Earth connection, and the earth potential, but this way on the insulator has no effect.

(2) The humidity control eliminates the material surface resistance with the air humidity to increase reduces, therefore increases the air relative humidity, may increase the surface conductivity. 

(3) Electrostatic elimination equipment selection principle induction Electrostatic Eliminator Rod: that is, the induction electrostatic elimination brush, the principle is to eliminate the tip of the electrical appliances near the charged body, induction of polarity and charged body on the opposite side of the electrostatic charge, so that static electricity neutralization.