How Much Does The Material Of The Clean Cotton Swab Know

- Mar 13, 2018-

Dust-free cotton swabs (also known as industrial cotton swabs, purified cotton swabs, clean wipes, etc.) are a cleaning consumables produced in a clean room without dust.

   Mainly used in electronics, semiconductors and other industries, a number of gaps, corner of the surface cleaning, the variety of its varieties, such as according to its application can be divided into electronic, photoelectric use of dust-free cotton swabs, bio-pharmaceutical, medical use of dust-free cotton, etc.

  When the dust-free cotton swab is stored, it is recommended that the relative humidity should not exceed 80%, and the environment without corrosive gas should be stored in good condition to avoid sun exposure and high temperature. Everyone in the purchase of dust-free cotton swabs combined with the use of the environment and application industry to do the reference to choose the right products to be satisfied!