Characteristics Of General Antistatic Fluids

- Mar 13, 2018-

Anti-static liquid can be divided into general and permanent anti-static.

General-Purpose Anti-Static Liquid application is very wide, whether it is plastic, fabric or carpet are very ideal anti-static products. Anti-static coating can eliminate electrostatic release and reduce the accumulation of electrical charge formed by soft surface friction.

It is characterized by:

1, non-toxic, non-corrosive, do not damage most of the material surface.

2, fast drying

3. Non-flammable

4, anti-static performance can last a long time.

5, can prevent again pollution. Anti-static liquid coating on the surface of the object, forming a very thin transparent film, to provide long-lasting and efficient electrostatic dissipation function, can effectively eliminate friction generated by electrostatic accumulation, prevent electrostatic interference and dust adhesion phenomenon, and maintain a transparent and beautiful appearance effect.