What is A Clean Room

- Feb 21, 2020-

Clean workshop, also known as clean room, clean room, clean room or clean room. The main function of clean rooms is indoor pollution control. Without clean rooms, it is impossible to mass produce pollution-sensitive parts. In FED-STD-2, a clean room is defined as a room with air filtration, distribution, optimization, construction materials and devices, in which specific regular operating procedures are used to control the concentration of airborne particles to achieve an appropriate level of particle cleanliness .

The cleanliness of the clean room and the continuous stability of pollution control are the core standards for testing the quality of the clean room. This standard is divided into several levels based on factors such as the regional environment and the degree of purification. Commonly used international standards and domestic regional industry standards, some well-known Purification engineering company, in addition to the current standards, also has its own implementation of purification standards higher than international standards, purification capabilities and environmental adaptability far exceed international brands. Generally, industrial aluminum (stainless steel square pass, plastic spray square pass) is used as the frame, and the fan filter unit FFU is used to supply air. Anti-static curtains are used around the top, and the top is covered with blind joints to form a dense joint area. The internal purification level can be It can reach the level of 100-100,000; it is especially suitable for the areas with high local cleanliness requirements in the workshop, such as the high-precision product assembly area of the assembly line operation area.

The cleanroom is widely used for Microelectronics, optoelectronics, electronic materials, instrumentation, precision machinery, pharmaceutical and biological engineering, beverages, food, cosmetics, medical and health (clean operating room and laboratory); aviation, printing and packaging, aerospace and military science.