Several factors affecting the density of dust-free cloth.

- Mar 13, 2018-

At ordinary times we may find, why also called as superfine fiber dust-free cloth products, different manufacturers, the price is very different, in fact, in addition to the manufacturers price differences, more reason is because the different manufacturers of dust-free cloth density is a difference, so the price will be different, The density of the dust-free cloth has a direct relationship with the quality of the dust-free cloth, and what factors influence the density of the dust-free cloth?

Factors affecting the density of dust-free cloth: 

  1. The density of the material itself, polyester, nylon, PP, wood pulp various materials of their own density is not the same 

  2. weaving structure, weaving structure of the tight degree to a large extent affect the density of dust-free cloth 

  3. refining, refining process temperature, the use of chemical additives will affect the material shrinkage, the corresponding will affect the weight of the cloth 4 cloth stereotypes, stereotypes and the stretching process of micro-action, the fabric of the macroscopic density will have an impact.