Material types of dust-free cotton swabs

- Mar 13, 2018-

Dust-free cotton swabs according to the head can be divided into: Sponge head, dust-free cloth head, Non-woven head, PVA head.

    1. Sponge head: Look at the sponge density and chip off, and can be divided into the following two kinds: {open-hole pu sponge 100PPI, 400-500ppi} (PP I see the number of holes per inch, the number of more, the more delicate sponge, it is not easy to chip off) 100PPI sponge density low, easy to drop crumbs, but water absorption speed,Suitable for medical use, 400-500ppi, more than 100PPI sponge density, more difficult to chip off, suitable for high level of dust-free industry.

  2. Clean cloth Head: According to the cloth, function, performance difference, can also be divided into the following: knitted nylon cloth (wear-resistant), knitted superfine fiber (can wipe fine dust but wear-resistant general); woven superfine fiber (professional optical fiber with wiping); knitted polyester (material texture gap deep, can accommodate more dirty).

  3. Non-woven head: (low grade, cheap price)

    4.PVA head: (Good elasticity, strong water absorption, high cleanliness, can be used many times with a wide range of use but the price is slightly higher). According to the material section: can be divided into wood rods, plastic rods, polypropylene rod, etc. (according to the function of the bar can also be divided into anti-static and anti-static such as: Polypropylene Rod is anti-static). According to the shape of the rod part: Hollow Rod, solid rod, round rod, curved bar, flat rod and so on.