How to use the dust-free cloth is correct

- Mar 13, 2018-

Dust-free cloth because of its excellent characteristics, by the love of many lines, the application is very wide, dust-free cloth only the correct use can play its greatest effect, how to use dust-free cloth is correct? 

The following small series to summarize the following: 

  1. When using and unpacking, you need to wear clean gloves and masks. 

  2. Dust-free cloth can be dipped in the solvent for wiping, can also be directly wiped, for convenience. 

  3. Wipe the use of the time, to the dust-free cloth of the four sides are wrapped in the interior, do not use the edge of dust-free cloth to contact the surface area of the wipe. 

    4. In the high-end dust-free cloth use, must be in a clean environment to take apart the internal packaging bag, and in the unpacking before the bag to clean, especially the openings must be kept clean. 5. When used in operation, dust-free cloth must be kept flat, can not rub, in the mobile wipe, as far as possible to the fabric and wipe the surface of the cloth to achieve full contact, but also to ensure that the same direction to wipe, can not be repeated to wipe back and forth.