How to judge the quality of dust-free cloth

- Mar 13, 2018-

   The application of dust-free cloth has been very extensive, many industries have used it, according to their own needs to choose a suitable product of the dust-free cloth, then you are how to judge the quality of the dust-free cloth or not?

   For the selection of dust-free cloth, the main is to look at the base weight, type and quality, softness, abrasion resistance of these points to be compared, can quickly know how to judge the quality of dust-free cloth is good or bad:

    1. Base weight: Same cloth base weight is the same

    2. Type and quality: superfine fiber high quality, low polyester fiber

    3. Softness: The softer the better

    4. Abrasion Resistance: The stronger the more the fiber 

    And in the dust-free cloth different sealing method of hair dust comparison above, there are four kinds of edge-banding, the general market on the dust-free cloth by the edge can be divided into: thermal cutting, ultrasonic cutting, laser cutting and general cold cutting, and then on its edge way into the contrast.

    1. Laser cutting: The degree of sealing edge up to 99%, no chip, no fallout, technology and the highest cost

    2. Ultrasonic cutting: Sealing Edge degree 80% below, do not drop crumbs, after cleaning sealing edge easy tearing off crumbs

    3. Hot cutting: The edge of the seal is less than 75%, no chips, cleaning after the edge easily torn off crumbs

    4. General Cold cutting: not sealed edge, easier to chip off, technology and the lowest cost