Dust-Free wiping cloth application field analysis

- Mar 13, 2018-

For the current changing industrial demand, dust-free wipe cloth application field is very extensive

These are mainly used in the field of wiping cloth application: 

1 Advanced glass touch screen (covers high-end mobile phone, tablet computer, instrument panel, GPS navigator, glare equipment and other fields, so the choice of different areas of the cloth is not the same, then how to choose the dust-free wipe cloth?

2 precision instrument hardware, valve pipe fittings, mold industry, etc. 

Dust-Free wiping cloth application field 

3 Ceramic Ink jet machine, fuel injection screen printing, dust-free coating, UV, etc. 

4 Auto Metal parts; 

5 Plastic plating Products; 

6 disk drive, review material; 

7 General optics Lens;

8 Microelectronics assembly line; 

Dust-Free Cleaning cloth features: No dust, no dust, advanced dust-free cloth, strong absorption capacity, acid and alkali; This can also be seen in the field of wiping cloth application is mainly the requirements of dust-free, clean these many.