Dust-free cloth material ten advantages and disadvantages.

- Mar 13, 2018-

There are so many kinds of dust-free cloth because of the different materials and different weaving methods. What are the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of materials without dust cloth? Knowing this, you can easily know the performance characteristics of a variety of dust-free cloth.

Then come together to understand the top ten advantages and disadvantages of dust-free cloth materials:

    1, all pp non-woven dust-free cloth: is a good helper oil removal, but the cleanliness is not high, water absorption is not good.   

    2, PVA sponge dust-free cloth: absorption, decontamination volume, can only be used with water, otherwise it is hard block, can not be wiped. 

    3, Polyester brocade woven dust-free cloth: Advantages: The removal of residual gum type of dirty ability is strong disadvantage: the ability to remove granular dirt and dust weak 4, PU sponge dust-free Cloth: Decontamination volume is large, but not durable, easily broken off fiber. and solvent with strong solubility.  

    5, cotton woven fabric no dust: High temperature, for the removal of water pollution is strong, cleanliness is very low, not suitable for the dust-free room above the million.   

    6, polyester knitted dust-free cloth: Advantages: Wear-resistant, decontamination ability, high cleanliness; Disadvantages: There is no water absorption, the ability to remove sewage is weak, usually with hydrophilic agent treatment, and hydrophilic agent will dissolve into our use of solvents. 7, wood pulp/viscose and polyester composite non-woven dust-free cloth: Advantages: Non-woven structure, macro decontamination capacity is strong, suitable for the removal of a large number of pollutants.Disadvantages: Clean degree is not high, the solvent broken off crumbs, can not be used in a very clean environment.  

    8, all polyester non-woven cloth: than the wood pulp polyester non-woven dust-free cloth high cleanliness, but also slightly durable, but not suitable for the removal of water pollution, because the polyester hydrophilic capacity is not strong.

    9, Polyester brocade knitted dust-free cloth: Advantages: Wear-resistant, in addition to grease, fingerprints and other pollutants are very strong, after wiping solvent dry fast, high efficiency, disadvantage: The cost is higher. 

    10, all wood pulp non-woven cloth: Advantages: Resistance to organic solvents, decontamination ability is strong disadvantage: cleanliness is not high, currently in addition to Japan's M-3 cleanliness slightly higher than the other domestic The wood pulp non-woven fabric cleanliness is very low, easy to drop crumbs, not suitable for use in the dust-free room above Chi Pe.