Dust-free cloth for clean room purification requirements

- Mar 13, 2018-

  Dust-free cloth on clean room purification requirements, to see dust-free cloth itself purification level, Bai Pe dust-free cloth can only be used in Bai Pe dust-free indoor, if the Chi Pe dust-free indoor, that from the opening of the dust-free cloth packaging, this bag of dust-free cloth is contaminated, there is no Bai Pe dust-free cloth effect. 

  Therefore, dust-free cloth on the clean room requirements, and dust-free cloth purification level is equivalent. Clean room, it is the basis of pollution control. Control the concentration of airborne particulate to achieve the appropriate level of particle cleanliness.

  Dust-free room refers to the space within a certain amount of particles in the air, harmful air, bacteria and other pollutants excluded, and the indoor temperature, cleanliness, indoor pressure, airflow velocity and airflow distribution, noise vibration and lighting, electrostatic control in a demand range, and the special design room. Dust-free Room The main role is to control products (such as silicon chips, etc.) contact the atmosphere of clean living and temperature and humidity, so that products can be in a good environmental space production, manufacturing, this space we call the dust-free room. According to international practice, the level of dust-free purification is mainly based on the number of particles in the air per cubic metre larger than the dividing standard. In other words, the so-called dust-free is not 100% without a little dust, but controlled in a very small unit. Of course, this standard in line with the dust standard particle phase for our common dust is small, but for the optical structure, even a little bit of dust will have a very large negative impact, so in the production of optical structural products, dust-free is the inevitable requirement.