Anti-static Cleanroom Wipes

- Dec 01, 2020-

The anti-static cleanroom wipes are made of 100% polyester fiber double woven, soft surface, easy to wipe sensitive surfaces, friction does not detach the fiber, and has good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. The cleaning and packaging of products are completed in the ultra-clean workshop. The optional edge banding of dust-free cloth generally includes: cold cut, laser edged, and ultrasonic edged.

Antistatic cleanroom wipes are also made of microfiber fabric, microfiber cleanroom wipes are generally sealed with lasers and ultrasonic waves; static electricity is an objective natural phenomenon that can be generated in many ways, such as contact and friction. Static electricity is characterized by high voltage, low power, low current and short action time. Static electricity is a static charged charge. Most of static electricity is caused by friction and separation. The friction causes heat to activate the molecules in the material. Then the two substances are separated and it may cause the electrons are transferred from one substance to the other. 

When electrons are transferred, lack or too many electrons can create an electric field, which is known as static electricity. The amount of electrostatic field generated depends on the friction or separation of the substance, the amount of friction or separation, and the relative humidity of the surrounding environment.

A substance that easily transfers electrons (or charges) between atoms is called a conductor. Those substances that cannot transfer electrons (or charges) are called insulators. Both conductors and insulators may be charged under static electricity.

The actions of the human body or the contact, separation, friction or induction with other objects can generate thousands of volts or even tens of thousands of volts of static electricity.

Static electricity causes serious harm in many areas. Friction electrification and human body static are two major hazards in the electronics industry.

The main measures of electrostatic protection in the production process are electrostatic leakage, dissipation, neutralization, humidification, shielding and grounding.

The human body electrostatic protection system mainly consists of anti-static wrist straps, ankle straps, work clothes, footwear, caps, gloves or finger cots, etc. It has the functions of static leakage, neutralization and shielding.

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