Advantage of Clean Room Microfiber Wipers

- Sep 01, 2020-

Multiple scraping effect

A thick single fiber can be ultrafine into hundreds of micro fibers, so when used as a cleanroom wiper, the microfibers can have a multiple scraping effect to ordinary wipes.

Wide contact area

The normal fiber is thicker and has high bending rigidity, so the contact area between the floating point of the fabric and the object is small. On the contrary, the microfiber has low bending rigidity and high softness, like the silk, so the floating point of the fabric has a wide contact area between the object with strong cleaning effect.

Inner-trap effect

A cleaning wiper made of microfiber, the contaminant will migrate outward along the capillary channel of the fiber, achieving the effect of  internal peeling, so the  contaminant will not remain on the surface of the wiper, therefore it will not cause scratches on extremely delicate products.

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