Anti-Static Shielding Bags

Anti-Static Shielding Bags

Anti-static bags are multi-layer construction with dissipative properties minimizes generation of a static build up, provide maximum protection against static discharge.
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Anti-Static shielding bags have anti-static properties, prevent the buildup of static electricity, and also protect materials from electrostatic discharge. They are multi-layered bags that create a Faraday cage effect which will protect the materials contained inside the protective packing  from electrostatic discharges. The inner layer of the bag is usually polyethylene surrounded by aluminum shielding. The next layer is typically polyester with the outside made of a static dissipative coat.


Prevent incoming static charges from damaging ESD-sensitive products

3 mil translucent metallic bags for easy content identification.

Embedded Metal faraday cage layer to shield products from external electric energy inside and prevents static build-up.

4 layer protection guards against charges inside and out

Multi-layer construction defends against charges both inside and outside the bag


antistatic shielding bag no zip

antistatic shielding bag

open top antistatic bag


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