Ultralow Particle Nonwoven SMT Stencil Roll Cleanroom Wiper

Ultralow Particle Nonwoven SMT Stencil Roll Cleanroom Wiper

Stencil SMT roll cleanroom wiper made of 55% polyester 45% cellulose nonwoven replace to TEK roll wiper,super durable low particle high soft.
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Stencil SMT roll cleanroom wiper---nonwoven  52~68gsm

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1. Low lint, ultra low particle generation

2. Tear resistant, very strong and durable

3. With favorable performance of sorbing water and oil.

4. Cut automatically and folded in clean room

5. Solvent resistant

6. Super soft and cannot scratch


1. Perfect for Automotive - PRINTING & Industrial applications

2. Ideal for all Solvent & Spirit Wiping applications

3. Ideal for polishing, buffing paintwork, trim glass and interiors

SMT RollSMT wiper roll

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