Class100 Roll Cleanroom Wipes Lint Free Microfiber Clean Room Wipes

Class100 Roll Cleanroom Wipes Lint Free Microfiber Clean Room Wipes

Microfiber Roller Cleanroom Wipes is made of 30% Nylon / 70% Polyester microfiber ultrasonic seald border, free of Silicon ultralow particle & ions.
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Product Details

PERFWIPE Microfiber Roll cleanroom wipes are  designed & constructed with yarn as fine as 0.1 decitex, knitted extremely tight to ensure wipe durability.

The structure of the yarn provides hydrophilic properties of nylon, lipophilic polyester properties, and  the capillary effect of the dense construction provides a high level of water absorbency and superior wiping efficiency.

We use a high temperature, high pressure process to split the yarn and release the and wedges of polyester yarn and shrink the cloth up to 40% to increase density.

This process provides an extremely soft fabric that will leave no scratches on wiped objects.

The wedge like yarn structure effectively traps micro-contamination (particles and bacteria) without re-contaminating the surface.  Class100 Cleanroom  Laundered and Packaged.

Composition & Attributes

  Tightly knit and pre-shrunk 70% Hi Strength Polyester and 30% Nylon fiber

  Ultra Low particle and fiber generation

  Ultrasonic Sealed Border for maximum fiber and particle retention

  Proprietary Lint Removal Technology for true lint free surface

  Free of Silicon, Amides, and DOP contamination

  Solvent safe double bag cleanroom packaging

  Resists abrasion when used with rough surfaces

  Works well with IPA and other cleaning solvents


  1. Ideal for removing water and oil based contamination

  2. Works well for particle removal and resistance with solvents

  3. Soft texture will not scratch sensitive surfaces yet is very durable

  4. Recommended for Optical, LCD, TFT and Hard Disk Drive cleaning.

  5. Compatible with ISO Class 5 (Class 100) environments

wipe. roll

wiper roll.

microfiber roll cleanroom wiper

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