Ultrasonic Edge Polyester Cleanroom Wiper 9x9 inch

Ultrasonic Edge Polyester Cleanroom Wiper 9x9 inch

100% polyester cleanroom wiper offers optimal strength and durability with low particle and fiber generation. Perfect for intricate tasks with high absorbency for spills and cleaning tasks.
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Product Details

Ultrasonic Edge Polyester Cleanroom Wiper


The 100% pure polyester wiper is versatile, safe and secure and economical widely used for work in cleanrooms.



Minimized particle count, evaporation residue and ion detection.

Dust generated from the cut edge has been minimized by using ultrasonic cutting

Polyester long continuous filaments that suppress lint generates



For cleaning work in clean environments, areas and benches.

For wiping work involving alcohol, acetone and other organic compounds.

The ultrasonic edge polyester cleanroom wipers are suitable for industries including:





Injection molding

Product Data

Item Code: SS1009D-145UL-99

Materials: 100% polyester continuous filament fiber

Basis Weight: 145gsm

Available Size: 4"x4", 6"x6", 9"x9", 12" x12"

polyester wipes Ultrasonic sealed edge


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