Medium Foam Swab With Short Handle

Medium Foam Swab With Short Handle

Perfwipe SSTX746S cleanroom foam swab is a good substitute for Texwipe Foam Swab TX746S,it is good for cleaning disk drive, keyboard, and hard to reach areas.
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Perfwipe Medium Foam Swab SSTX746S features flexible internal paddle head with a long handle providing good support and cushion. It is 100 ppi open-cell polyurethane foam, foam head is fixed on polypropylene handle by hot. It is ideal swab to use to effectively in eliminating contamination on surfaces and hard to reach places.



1.    Thermally bonded foam head

2.    Free silicone, amide and DOP

3.    Low in particles, ion and non-volatile residue

4.    High solvent capacity, soft and non-abrasive

5.    Compatible with most of common solvents



1.    Remove flux residues and excess materials

2.    Applying lubricants or other liquids

3.    Cleaning with solvent such as IPA

4.    Cleaning surfaces and hard to areas



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