Durable PU Top Fit Gloves

Durable PU Top Fit Gloves

Perfwipe PU Top Fit Gloves are made of 13 needle polyester the fingers coat with strong flexibility PU, good ventilation durable and slip-proof
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The PU Top Fit Gloves are made of 100% dust-free polyester filament yarn with PU coated. 13 needle of polyester coated white PU on finger gloves. PU coating Top, good wear-resisting property, low dust and suitable for wearing in cleanroom, protect products from sweat immerse, flexible and convenient.


Silicon and Powder free                                        
Provides good grip
Exceptional dexterity
Protects against abrasion and cut
Washable and reusable 
Can be decontaminated for clean room purpose

Delicate and precise operations such as assembling electronic components, microprocessors, etc.
Handling and assembling 
automotive parts Inspection of medicine and food products etc.

PU Top Fit Gloves S 6

PU Top Fit Gloves S 8

PU Top Fit Gloves S

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